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  • Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever is a serious viral infection that is transmitted by infected mosquite bites in many African & South American countries. Yellow fever vaccine is a legal requirement for people traveling to these countries.

News & Events

29. Dec 2010
Yellow fever vaccination Camp
Yellow fever vaccine given to Government Officials visiting Brazil for World Bank Project

21. Jul 2011
Charak Clinics is the first center in Punjab/ Haryana/ Himachal Pradesh to become member of IAMAT (International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers). We provide travel vaccines and medical aid to travelers coming to India/ going to foreign destinations from India.
Yellow Fever - a brief introduction

Yellow fever is a serious viral disease that is usually transmitted by a type of mosquito known as the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Yellow fever mainly occurs in sub-Saharan Africa (countries to the south of the Sahara desert), South America and in parts of the Caribbean. There have not been any recent cases of yellow fever in North America, Europe or Asia. Yellow fever can be fatal. About 5% of people who get yellow fever die from the condition.

Yellow fever was once one of the most feared epidemic diseases in the world with the capacity to bring devastation to almost every continent. Mass vaccination campaigns in the mid 20th Century succeeded in bringing the disease under control for over 40 years but since the late 1980s, this deadly disease has returned, putting at risk a new generation in West and Central Africa and threatening to erupt into devastating urban epidemics i.e., research or public health.